Thursday, February 11, 2016

Downtown Frederick Date Night

Hello February!

'Tis the Season for Love, and love is definitely in the air in Downtown Frederick, so we've asked some of our favorite downtown couples to share their ideal Downtown Frederick Date Night! 

Kara and Tom love to spend their date nights in Downtown Frederick. Today they both share with us how they met & fell in love downtown!:

Kara, Tom and their daughter Nia
Photo Credit: Mary Kate McKenna Photography
"As a bit of context, Tom and I created the following text for our wedding program - Date: April 28, 2007. At the time we met, Allison, our matchmaker, owned Two Paws Up (Now Paws In The City) and Dulcie, her accomplice, owned Chiffon. Now, nearly nine years later, our family has expanded to include our daughter Nia who loves Downtown Frederick as much as we do.

Kara: I saw Tom around town lots of times, and he caught my eye.
Tom: I never had a chance to talk to Kara, because she always was too busy. Allison introduced us at the first Alive @ Five, but, yet again, Kara had to run off to work.
Kara: I do remember meeting Tom at Alive @ Five.
Tom: I thought Kara wasn't interested in me. She seemed too busy.
Kara: Allison brought Tom along to a merchant Christmas party, but I was surprised with gifts and too distracted to talk.
Tom: Dulcie and Allison talked and decided that I should ask Kara out. I got a call from Allison after she asked Kara and Kara said she would go out with me.
Kara: That was our 9th-grade moment.
Tom: I called Kara to see if she would go to a martini party at Acacia (Now Reina). She said yes.
Kara: Finally a chance to talk to Tom without work getting in the way.
Tom: Next meeting, my surprise birthday party.
Kara: That night Tom was too busy.
Tom: Then our first real date. We've been together ever since.
Kara: We've probably talked to each other every day."

Grab your loved one and fall in love in Downtown Frederick!

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