Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Frederick Faces: Lucie Shelton

Lucie Shelton is the owner of Cakes to Die For in downtown Frederick. She was born and raised in downtown Frederick and wanted to make her dream of owning a bakery come true in her hometown. Lucie’s love for baking started out through her admiration of her mom’s baking, even if it was from a box mix. She wanted to be just like her mom! One thing people don’t know about Lucie and her love for cake decorating and baking is that she was a self-taught cake decorator until 2012.
Lucie has been in the cake baking and decorating business for 15 years but just opened up her own bakery, Cakes to Die For about a year ago. After going away for college she wanted to come home, and decided to open up her business here in downtown Frederick.

She loves the downtown Frederick community and she loves baking cakes. Lucie loves collaborating with other downtown businesses and baking cakes for customers because it allows her to help bring their ideas to life. It is extremely inspiring for her to see people interested in her business.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Frederick Faces: Bryan Nuckols Jr.

Because of his love of music and local entertainment, Bryan Nuckols was hired as General Manager at Café Nola’s in January 2014. He never had previous thoughts of joining the restaurant industry, but had always dreamed of having a venue to show off entertainment from near and far. 
There are so many things he loves about his job. The short commute to work, the delicious coffee, and the healthy food options are just a few of the many advantages of working downtown.  Café Nola also displays new art work every month thanks to ArtBrew.  The music is what makes him the most content. Although he works long days, he gets to enjoy a constant flow of creative and inspirational music.
When Dave Snyder originally opened Café Nola in Frederick it was to offer downtown Frederick something it simply didn’t have. Nola became that meeting space with healthy foods, a stage hosting amazing bands, a gallery of wide range changing art and a place for people to talk about life and opinions without being judged. Nola has continued to act as this lively fun meeting space with such a kaleidoscope of people which is one of Bryan’s favorite things about the business being in downtown Frederick. Bryan has really learned to enjoy the constant flow of people and he says meeting all different kinds of people makes every person you meet rare and unforgettable.

Bryan truly loves his job and has a passion for music but one thing many people might not know about him is his “nerd love” for board games and comics. He says that “any convention I would have the chance to attend is better than any beach hands down.”