Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Frederick Faces: Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson, owner of Ec’clectibles, has always loved merchandising.  He has been in the business “forever.” 

Originally from the Ellicott City area, Paul spent 10 years working for the National Retailer Association in Rochester, NY where he was the merchandising manager, in charge of the designing displays for stores.  He moved on to work for the Goodwill stores in the same city. During that time, a good friend suggested that he should look at Frederick as a possibility to open his own business. The rest is history. 

Ec’clectibles opened its doors in 2004.  Paul enjoys all aspects of the business but what excites him most is the merchandising part. He loves making the product appetizing and gets tremendous satisfaction when customers react positively to his displays. 
Paul loves the vitality of [Downtown Frederick], the wide variety and quality of shops as well as the camaraderie that has developed.

Frederick Faces

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