Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Frederick Faces: Misti Morningstar

Misti Morningstar’s interest in aromatherapy and soap began in her childhood. Growing up, she spent much of her time in her Carroll County home in her mother’s flower and herb garden, creating signature scents out of leaves and petals. As she grew older and began to travel, which became another one of her passions, Misti began collecting soaps from everywhere she visited, intrigued by their scents, ingredients, and packaging. 

Since then, Misti pursued her interests and opened Savage Soaps (10 E Church St), a natural bodycare boutique. In the store, shoppers can find a variety of products with natural benefits. Though soap is the primary product, Savage Soaps also carries lotion, body butter crème, shower gel, salt scrub, linen water, body/massage oil, and essential oil blends for yoga and meditation. 

“I have a passion for helping people feel great mind, body, and soul, through our products,” says Misti. “It’s one thing to smell a scent and to like it but when you combine that aspect with a package that they can also relate to and then have the soap serve their need, whether it’s anti-aging, dry, or other sensitive skin issues, overall mood enhancer… that was my goal.”

Misti’s inspiration for her business comes from a combination of art and health. She knew it was important to have products that not only help people feel their best, but also have relatable and artistic packaging. Her inspiration for creating trendy packaging came from artistic labels she saw on micro-brewery beers. “Funny, how it came full circle that we now create soaps from those types of beers,” she noted.

The City of Frederick has been special to Misti since her childhood as well. She came with her parents to shop and dine in the wonderful places Frederick has to offer. In addition to enjoying the vibrant and bustling downtown, Misti loves the fact that “business owners work together and we have created partnerships with some companies to make unique and beneficial products.”

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