Monday, November 18, 2013

Frederick Faces: Peggi Joy

Photos by Natural Artistry Photography
Peggi Joy has always wanted to help others improve their lives. Twenty years a social worker, Joy opened A Perfect Fit Bra Boutique in 2011 and has been enjoying give women a kick of confidence with each purchase. “I get hugs and smiles,” says Joy, “It is still the biggest kick of my day to see her confidence and individual beauty shine through.”

Joy, who has lived in the Frederick area for most of her life, decided to open A Perfect Fit while working the Frederick Memorial Hospital Cancer Center. “I thought the ladies of Frederick should have a place they could shop for their bras that was convenient and a more normalized experience. The bra fitting training is so much more in-depth in reference to prosthetics and I quickly learned how bras impact breast and back health.”

For Joy, Downtown Frederick offers the perfect setting for her boutique. “[Downtown Frederick is] committed to bringing something more to the Frederick scene beyond the everyday big box store offerings,” notes Joy, “having grown up here, I have seen Downtown Frederick come full circle from its heyday. It’s wonderful to see it so vital!”

When asked what she would do if she hadn’t opened her boutique, Joy admits, “I am a closet Broadway singer wannabe!” 

Video by Archai Media

Frederick Faces

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