Friday, June 14, 2013

Delicious Food: the Spark of Inspiration

No stranger to the Downtown Frederick area, Gillian Berluti has been a great fan of the city since she was a young child growing up in Middletown, Md.  So when she was approached by the now founder and owner of Firestone’s Market on Market, Kim Firestone, six and a half years ago, who had an idea, she says she “was excited” her career had led her “to become a part of such a unique and charming community” once more! 

Located at 109 N. Market Street, Firestone’s Market on Market sits right next to its sister business Firestone’s Culinary Tavern, the market offers gourmet soups, sandwiches as well as fresh breads to list a few that are all creations of the skilled kitchen staff from the tavern next door.   In addition to the delicious cuisine, Gillian and her team create a wide variety of gift baskets and other gifty tokens.  Whether, you are looking for a house warming gift, a token of appreciation, or an anniversary present for your significant other, they supply gift baskets perfect for any occasion.  

   A “love of food and wine,” she says, was the figurative spark that inspired Firestone’s Market on Market.  Soon her commute to DC for an office job turned into a managerial position involving industrial research.  But not just any industrial research, industrial research that consisted of food and wine tasting.  As manager of Firestone’s Market on Market, Gill says her “favorite part of the job is eating and drinking new and delicious things all the time, and calling it ‘research!’”  But in the end, Gill emphasizes her great fondness of the remarkable relationships that the business, residents and Downtown Frederick Partnership have in Downtown Frederick: “It’s clear that we’re all proud of our city, and everyone works together to make Downtown Frederick a whole that is so much bigger than the sum of its parts.”

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