Thursday, May 23, 2013

Healing with Happiness

“We are truly amazing…we can do more than we ever thought possible,” says Dr. Jedidiah Smith of the Center for Holistic Wellness & Anti-Aging on 2nd St.  Dr. Jedidiah uses new psychology and quantum science to help his patients heal and discover their best selves. Born to parents who were trained Master Herbalists, Dr. Jedidiah developed a deep passion for learning about alternative therapies, preventative nutrition and supplementation, and clinical hypnotherapy. Dr. Jedidiah uses his knowledge, understanding and passion to help his patients find meaning and happiness from within; “each of us can step into our wholeness and our full potential…whether physically, nutritionally, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually.  It all comes down to one thing: a life with meaning, health and happiness.”

Having come to Frederick in March 2012, Dr. Jedidiah enjoys having his practice in a place with such a strong sense of community. “Each time I go for lunch or step out of my office I am grateful for the community of people that make up truly is a special and unique place. I plan to be a part of it for a long time.”

Frederick Faces

Friday, May 17, 2013

Fit in Downtown Frederick

Work outs are anything but boring at Primed. "Most aren’t aware how liberating and stress releasing slamming a tire with a sledge hammer can be,” says Greg Tymon, owner of Primed Fitness, located at 103 S Carroll St.  At Primed, clients work closely with Tymon to reach their fitness goals using a variety of methods and equipment. Tymon uses his passion for helping people meet their goals and his expertise to coach clients.  After finishing his advanced degree and working in chiropractic offices performing rehabilitation services, Tymon began personal training on a part-time basis. Soon, he was able to turn his passion into a full-time career. 

Attracted by the lively and historic nature of Downtown Frederick, Greg has also come to appreciate a shorter commute and other perks. “After years of driving up to 500 miles per week, I love jogging or riding my bicycle to work.”

Frederick Faces

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Walking into Smooch! Studio, located at 8 N East Street at Everedy Square, is like walking into any makeup lover’s dream. There are bright colors, sparkles and, of course, stations set up for creating and experimenting with eye shadows, lip glosses, foundations, and more. At Smooch!, the focus is as much on empowering women as it is having fun with makeup. Nicole and Kendra, owners and founders of Smooch!, use makeup and skincare as tools to instill confidence in their clients.  They also try to help women find enjoyment in their beauty regimens, “our goal was to take the guesswork out and put the fun back in. When you say, ‘I’ll never be able to…’ we like to prove you wrong!”

Nicole and Kendra started Smooch! in 2008, combining their passion for makeup and female empowerment with their business smarts.  The pair of businesswomen never thought twice about the first location of their growing business,  “we absolutely adore Downtown Frederick…we feel lucky and blessed to be a part of this vibrant, growing community.” 

Having recently celebrated their fourth anniversary, the ladies of Smooch! are looking forward to even more fun in their fifth year. “Every day is like a party at Smooch! Come in person and catch the vibe. It’s addicting!

Frederick Faces