Thursday, April 18, 2013

All in the Family

“It’s all about family” according to Anne Goodwin.  Originally from West Chester, NY where she held a “typical nine to five in the corporate world,” Goodwin owns and operates Flights of Fancy with her husband, Mike, and her daughter, Jennifer.  Mixing business with family is nothing new for the Goodwins—Mike and Anne first met while working for the same company in New York.  With something for everyone—from fine jewelry to play toys to stationary—Anne enjoys offering a family-like experience to her customers and looks forward to the repeat customers and their families returning year after year. 
Goodwin not only enjoys the family-driven atmosphere in her store, but also the camaraderie among store owners in Downtown Frederick.  “We all look out for each other,” said Goodwin, noting that even businesses that compete with each other are friendly and helpful to one another; “our downtown is a really special place.”

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