Monday, March 4, 2013

City Visit: Lancaster

Last Monday, a small group of adventurous souls headed out for City Visit: Lancaster with an eye towards learning something new.  The Partnership leads an excursion to a new locale each year.  Typically held in the winter months, the tour gets merchants and Business Development Committee members out of the store/office and into a new community.  The trip always is rejuvenating and great ideas are sparked – either from the community we visit or from the conversation in the van.  This year proved to be no different. 

Our day began with a visit to the new Marriott hotel in Downtown Lancaster.  We had a great tour and all were drooling over the potential impact of even a much smaller facility in Downtown Frederick.  In addition to the tour, our kind host, Marshall Snively, gave us a great overview of the area and his organization - the James Street Business Improvement District. Marshall also served as our tour guide throughout the afternoon.  

Post lunch, we visited David at Carmen and David’s Creamery – where the ice cream is made on site and is quite yummy.  David generously treated the crew to ice cream and shared with us the story of his business and his involvement in Downtown Lancaster.

From ice cream, we headed to Tellus 360 – a business that currently includes retail (great looking wood tables +), art gallery, clothing and more.  The business owner – Joe Devoy – gave us a tour of the unfinished space and a look at his green roof.  The plans for his space are truly inspiring – adding food, drink and live performance space to the first floor, additional retail sales to the second floor and that green roof.  The building size is so much larger than any footprint we have in Downtown Frederick – we all were feeling a bit green with envy at this resource.  Plus the green roof views were quite something . 

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