Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frederick Faces: Maria Peck

Photos by Natural Artistry Photography
Maria Peck followed a lifelong dream when she opened Tiara Day, located at 153 N Market St.  After many day dreams from her former office job, Maria decided it was time to take the leap to open her own boutique. “My mother and grandmother raised me antiquing and I have always been a girly girl -loving glamour and dressing up,” says Peck, “It only feels natural to have Tiara Day.”

A self-proclaimed Francophile, Peck says her customers along with her passion for fabulous treasures inspire her daily. Like many of her customers, Peck herself is a collector. “My favorite collection is probably my vintage and antique Halloween decorations which range from the early part of the 20th century until the 1950’s.”

Peck opened Tiara Day in Downtown Frederick after searching for a new location to move her originally Kensington-based boutique. She says Downtown Frederick is a perfect fit. “I love being part of a real downtown with local independent stores…Frederick offers a unique and wonderful indie shopping and eating experience!”

What is one of Maria’s favorite parts of owning Tiara Day? “As a bonus, I am very blessed to have my mother and best friend, work side by side with me at the shop every day!-and we get to wear tiaras every day at work! What could be better?”

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Frederick Faces: Peggi Joy

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Peggi Joy has always wanted to help others improve their lives. Twenty years a social worker, Joy opened A Perfect Fit Bra Boutique in 2011 and has been enjoying give women a kick of confidence with each purchase. “I get hugs and smiles,” says Joy, “It is still the biggest kick of my day to see her confidence and individual beauty shine through.”

Joy, who has lived in the Frederick area for most of her life, decided to open A Perfect Fit while working the Frederick Memorial Hospital Cancer Center. “I thought the ladies of Frederick should have a place they could shop for their bras that was convenient and a more normalized experience. The bra fitting training is so much more in-depth in reference to prosthetics and I quickly learned how bras impact breast and back health.”

For Joy, Downtown Frederick offers the perfect setting for her boutique. “[Downtown Frederick is] committed to bringing something more to the Frederick scene beyond the everyday big box store offerings,” notes Joy, “having grown up here, I have seen Downtown Frederick come full circle from its heyday. It’s wonderful to see it so vital!”

When asked what she would do if she hadn’t opened her boutique, Joy admits, “I am a closet Broadway singer wannabe!” 

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Frederick Faces: Sean Norris

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Owning Edgeworks Knife & Supply Co. was not always Sean Norris’s ambition. “This was nowhere in my dreams growing up or even in school,” Norris said, who began working at Edgeworks in 2001 following his high school graduation. After graduating from Frederick Community College with an associate’s degree in computer science, Norris explored a variety of career paths. He dabbled in everything from electrical work, a janitorial position, and information technology. 

When Edgeworks, which opened in 1993, was for sale Norris re-evaluated his career calling. “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to [computer] program for a living because I didn’t see myself liking it.” But he was sure that he liked working at the knife shop, so Norris purchased the place in 2008 and left the rest behind.

The Ijamsville native wouldn’t want his shop located anywhere else. He values the support from everyone in the Downtown Frederick community. For Norris, Downtown Frederick is a perfect location. He likes that Frederick brings a balance between city life and countryside. He continued, “It lets you just relax and enjoy things."

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frederick Faces: Jessica Feltz

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"Downtown Frederick is more than just the place where I do business; it's also my home," says Jessica Feltz, owner of The Turning Point, Frederick's Community Acupuncture at 243 W Patrick St, "I love how quickly relations evolve in a walk-able neighborhood. It's the way that our community is more like a big family which makes Downtown Frederick special." 

During her schooling in alternative therapies, Feltz was inspired after learning of a clinic in Portland, Oregon that offered low-cost community acupuncture.

Feltz, who was a musical All-American and a scholarship runner in college, used her "hodge-podge of a background" to create a business plan for The Turning Point. The plan was named a winner in the Rockville Economic Department's StartRight Competition for Women Entrepreneurs in 2008. The Turning Point is the first community acupuncture clinic in the state of Maryland, and the only in Frederick County. 

Community is important to Feltz, who yields from a "tiny little town" in Wisconsin. "I moved to Frederick for love, but when that ended I stayed here because I'd fallen in love with the community," Feltz said. "I love that my job keeps me intimately connected with our diverse community."

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frederick Faces: Rebecca Carrera

Photos by Natural Artistry Photography

“I’m not a person who believes you need a million beauty products, but I sure love having a million beauty products!” Rebecca Carrera, owner of Maven Beauty Bar, says her passion for beauty products started as a child and lasted through her career in the corporate cosmetic world. She spent six years as a cosmetic buyer for Nordstrom, followed by nine years with global beauty brands Shiseido and Yves Saint Laurent.

After her corporate career, Rebecca knew that Downtown Frederick was the perfect place to fulfill her dream of opening a beauty boutique. “I knew when my husband and I moved here in 2001 that I wanted to open a shop downtown. It has a little bit of that city/Georgetown feel, but with small town friendliness,” said Carerra, a Silver Spring native. Her second-floor beauty boutique, Maven Beauty Bar, opened just two months ago at 7 E Patrick St.

What’s this beauty maven’s make-up mantra? “I’m a pro at the ‘no-make-up’ make-up look,” says Rebecca, “just because a woman doesn't wear a lot of make-up doesn't mean they can’t look polished like a pro with minimal effort.” 

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fresh Coffee

Kelli Keyzers at Shab Row Tea Emporium on N East St.

Kelli Keyzers, general manager of Frederick Coffee Company & Café- as well as Shab Row Tea Emporium and Frederick Fudge & Ice Cream- likes to work around coffee just as much as she likes to drink it. “The smell of roasting coffee makes me feel awake and ready to take on the world,” says Keyzers, who has been managing the three businesses at Shab Row for over a year.

Frederick Coffee Company & Café, located at 100 N East St., has called Downtown Frederick home since 1991, and Keyzers says their vision is always a work-in-progress. “One must never rest when it comes to a business and meeting the needs of its patrons,” says Keyzers, who enjoys working with an innovative team that works hard to create an environment that customers love.

Under Kelli’s leadership, the staff has been able to introduce menu changes that offer high-quality products that exceed expectations.  With a fresh look inside the shop and a great new menu, it’s no wonder that Frederick Coffee Company & Café remains a Downtown Frederick favorite for many.

What’s Kelli’s favorite coffee creation? Vanilla Chai with skim milk—and don’t forget the extra shot of espresso!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Downtown Frederick (Co)Works

Julia & Glenn Ferguson, Owners of Cowork Frederick

“Work for yourself, not by yourself” is a key motto at Cowork Frederick, a collaborative work environment located in Downtown Frederick at 122 E Patrick Street.  Cowork Frederick opened almost one year ago in September 2012 and is run by Julia and Glen Ferguson.

“This is a collaborative shared community workplace.  It’s all about the community,” Julia Ferguson said.  The Fergusons became interested in coworking after they realized that many people would benefit from a collaborative workplace rather than working alone at home or in a conventional, stuffy office. 

Cowork Frederick offers many amenities to the people who use the facilities.  The building is composed of various rooms that are ideal for both meetings as well as individual work; including a community room, “a coffee shop meets office” setting, contains numerous tables and features a new art exhibit every month from a local artist, a break room with refreshments and tea from Voila!, a conference room, phone rooms, and lockers.  “We try to either feature products from local businesses or a socially conscious business that we feel personally good about,” Julia Ferguson said.

Currently, Cowork Frederick has 33 members.  There are a variety of membership options to choose from, ranging from full-time use to as little as once per month.  The Fergusons’ goal is to get 60 members by next year.  With Cowork Frederick, Glen says, “you get the best of both worlds, you get away from the corporate setting and into a collaborative space."

This Frederick Faces post was written by Hood College student Stacey Axler.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Delicious Food: the Spark of Inspiration

No stranger to the Downtown Frederick area, Gillian Berluti has been a great fan of the city since she was a young child growing up in Middletown, Md.  So when she was approached by the now founder and owner of Firestone’s Market on Market, Kim Firestone, six and a half years ago, who had an idea, she says she “was excited” her career had led her “to become a part of such a unique and charming community” once more! 

Located at 109 N. Market Street, Firestone’s Market on Market sits right next to its sister business Firestone’s Culinary Tavern, the market offers gourmet soups, sandwiches as well as fresh breads to list a few that are all creations of the skilled kitchen staff from the tavern next door.   In addition to the delicious cuisine, Gillian and her team create a wide variety of gift baskets and other gifty tokens.  Whether, you are looking for a house warming gift, a token of appreciation, or an anniversary present for your significant other, they supply gift baskets perfect for any occasion.  

   A “love of food and wine,” she says, was the figurative spark that inspired Firestone’s Market on Market.  Soon her commute to DC for an office job turned into a managerial position involving industrial research.  But not just any industrial research, industrial research that consisted of food and wine tasting.  As manager of Firestone’s Market on Market, Gill says her “favorite part of the job is eating and drinking new and delicious things all the time, and calling it ‘research!’”  But in the end, Gill emphasizes her great fondness of the remarkable relationships that the business, residents and Downtown Frederick Partnership have in Downtown Frederick: “It’s clear that we’re all proud of our city, and everyone works together to make Downtown Frederick a whole that is so much bigger than the sum of its parts.”

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Healing with Happiness

“We are truly amazing…we can do more than we ever thought possible,” says Dr. Jedidiah Smith of the Center for Holistic Wellness & Anti-Aging on 2nd St.  Dr. Jedidiah uses new psychology and quantum science to help his patients heal and discover their best selves. Born to parents who were trained Master Herbalists, Dr. Jedidiah developed a deep passion for learning about alternative therapies, preventative nutrition and supplementation, and clinical hypnotherapy. Dr. Jedidiah uses his knowledge, understanding and passion to help his patients find meaning and happiness from within; “each of us can step into our wholeness and our full potential…whether physically, nutritionally, emotionally, intellectually or spiritually.  It all comes down to one thing: a life with meaning, health and happiness.”

Having come to Frederick in March 2012, Dr. Jedidiah enjoys having his practice in a place with such a strong sense of community. “Each time I go for lunch or step out of my office I am grateful for the community of people that make up truly is a special and unique place. I plan to be a part of it for a long time.”

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Fit in Downtown Frederick

Work outs are anything but boring at Primed. "Most aren’t aware how liberating and stress releasing slamming a tire with a sledge hammer can be,” says Greg Tymon, owner of Primed Fitness, located at 103 S Carroll St.  At Primed, clients work closely with Tymon to reach their fitness goals using a variety of methods and equipment. Tymon uses his passion for helping people meet their goals and his expertise to coach clients.  After finishing his advanced degree and working in chiropractic offices performing rehabilitation services, Tymon began personal training on a part-time basis. Soon, he was able to turn his passion into a full-time career. 

Attracted by the lively and historic nature of Downtown Frederick, Greg has also come to appreciate a shorter commute and other perks. “After years of driving up to 500 miles per week, I love jogging or riding my bicycle to work.”

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Walking into Smooch! Studio, located at 8 N East Street at Everedy Square, is like walking into any makeup lover’s dream. There are bright colors, sparkles and, of course, stations set up for creating and experimenting with eye shadows, lip glosses, foundations, and more. At Smooch!, the focus is as much on empowering women as it is having fun with makeup. Nicole and Kendra, owners and founders of Smooch!, use makeup and skincare as tools to instill confidence in their clients.  They also try to help women find enjoyment in their beauty regimens, “our goal was to take the guesswork out and put the fun back in. When you say, ‘I’ll never be able to…’ we like to prove you wrong!”

Nicole and Kendra started Smooch! in 2008, combining their passion for makeup and female empowerment with their business smarts.  The pair of businesswomen never thought twice about the first location of their growing business,  “we absolutely adore Downtown Frederick…we feel lucky and blessed to be a part of this vibrant, growing community.” 

Having recently celebrated their fourth anniversary, the ladies of Smooch! are looking forward to even more fun in their fifth year. “Every day is like a party at Smooch! Come in person and catch the vibe. It’s addicting!

Frederick Faces

Thursday, April 18, 2013

All in the Family

“It’s all about family” according to Anne Goodwin.  Originally from West Chester, NY where she held a “typical nine to five in the corporate world,” Goodwin owns and operates Flights of Fancy with her husband, Mike, and her daughter, Jennifer.  Mixing business with family is nothing new for the Goodwins—Mike and Anne first met while working for the same company in New York.  With something for everyone—from fine jewelry to play toys to stationary—Anne enjoys offering a family-like experience to her customers and looks forward to the repeat customers and their families returning year after year. 
Goodwin not only enjoys the family-driven atmosphere in her store, but also the camaraderie among store owners in Downtown Frederick.  “We all look out for each other,” said Goodwin, noting that even businesses that compete with each other are friendly and helpful to one another; “our downtown is a really special place.”

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Downtown Frederick Rocks

At just 8-years old, Richard Bailey realized his true passion when he opened his first retail operation, selling rocks from his collection on a card table outside of his childhood home in Dallas, Texas.  Bailey has come a long way from his front yard set-up, but his passion and excitement for rocks and minerals remains.  A geologist by degree, Bailey has worked in the oil and gas industry, as a project manager for the rebuilding of Poplar Island, and has even spent time as a boat captain.  Today, he owns and operates Earthly Elements on North Market St., the only rock shop in the state of Maryland. 

At Earthly Elements, it’s about more than just selling rocks.  Bailey frequently hosts school groups and scouts for in-store geology talks.  He enjoys sparking the interest of young minds through topics other than television and video games, noting that young visitors are especially captivated by dinosaur eggs and meteorites.  “[Students] come here and get lessons in chemistry, math and physics without even realizing it.” 

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend, décor for your home, or an addition to your mineral collection, Earthly Elements offers “something for everyone”- a true Downtown Frederick gem! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Seeing Clearly on Patrick Street

After a long hunt for a new city in which to reside, Dr. Maria Higgins found her answer rather unexpectedly. Thanks to a recommendation made by a 16-year old kid in a bike store, Higgins, owner of Unique Optique, landed in Downtown Frederick nearly 2 years ago.  Struck by downtown’s unique character, walkability, and the support available for local businesses, Higgins sold her optometry practice in Pittsburgh and opened up shop on West Patrick Street.

At Unique Optique, Higgins aims to create an experience that’s more fun, comfortable and happy than your average eye exam.  Her storefront is optometry meets creativity and style; where works of local artists hang among displays of eye glasses and customers are encouraged to step into the shop’s photo booth after picking out their new specs. What does Dr. Maria find most rewarding about her job?  “I love the moment when someone puts on their new glasses and finally sees what they've been missing.”

Frederick Faces

Get it Downtown - Frederick Faces

There’s no doubt about it—Downtown Frederick is a special place. We are known for our picturesque streets, robust arts community and eclectic mix of shops and restaurants.  Most recently, Downtown Frederick was named a “Best Small Town Comeback in America” by CNN and one of the “Prettiest Painted Places in America."   Behind all of this are the dedicated, passionate and unique people who tirelessly contribute to the success of Downtown Frederick. 

As a tribute to the community that we are lucky enough to work with on a daily basis, we bring you Get it Downtown - Frederick Faces, a weekly series of merchant profiles.  These people—whether they stand behind the counter at the boutique down the street, manage your favorite restaurant or own your go-to gift shop—truly make Downtown Frederick special. We hope you enjoy.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Time

As all of us begin our annual pining for spring and warm weather and long lunches outside, I am reminded of one of my favorite new spring time events – Bring a Broom Saturday.  Last year, we (the Partnership and NAC 11) organized our first ever Downtown Frederick cleanup.  We all had a fantastic time picking up trash.  Yes, as crazy as that sounds, picking up garbage can be great fun.  At the post event pizza party (go Brewer’s Alley for the generous donation last year and again this year), the 100+ volunteers all were sharing the stories of the work they had completed and their pride in their accomplishments.  While we organizers were feeling a bit winded by a busy morning, the buzz in the room had us rejuvenated and ready for more.  And boy did Downtown Frederick look good!  It was the perfect kick off to a great spring in Downtown Frederick.  Sound like fun?  Join us this year on April 27 and do good.

Monday, March 4, 2013

City Visit: Lancaster

Last Monday, a small group of adventurous souls headed out for City Visit: Lancaster with an eye towards learning something new.  The Partnership leads an excursion to a new locale each year.  Typically held in the winter months, the tour gets merchants and Business Development Committee members out of the store/office and into a new community.  The trip always is rejuvenating and great ideas are sparked – either from the community we visit or from the conversation in the van.  This year proved to be no different. 

Our day began with a visit to the new Marriott hotel in Downtown Lancaster.  We had a great tour and all were drooling over the potential impact of even a much smaller facility in Downtown Frederick.  In addition to the tour, our kind host, Marshall Snively, gave us a great overview of the area and his organization - the James Street Business Improvement District. Marshall also served as our tour guide throughout the afternoon.  

Post lunch, we visited David at Carmen and David’s Creamery – where the ice cream is made on site and is quite yummy.  David generously treated the crew to ice cream and shared with us the story of his business and his involvement in Downtown Lancaster.

From ice cream, we headed to Tellus 360 – a business that currently includes retail (great looking wood tables +), art gallery, clothing and more.  The business owner – Joe Devoy – gave us a tour of the unfinished space and a look at his green roof.  The plans for his space are truly inspiring – adding food, drink and live performance space to the first floor, additional retail sales to the second floor and that green roof.  The building size is so much larger than any footprint we have in Downtown Frederick – we all were feeling a bit green with envy at this resource.  Plus the green roof views were quite something . 

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Projects

While we are at the midpoint in our fiscal year, the change in the calendar always gets me to thinking about what is next.  This year, the Partnership Board decided to make a significant change and add a third staff person to help power our work in Downtown Frederick.  Now that Brittany is setting in and doing a great job, the rest of the Partnership crew is ready to tackle new challenges and put some additional polish on some ongoing efforts.  

At our May annual retreat, the Partnership Board identified four wish list items for the coming year.  Our first – hire a new staff person – is complete so we can check that box. Our second, implementing “gateway murals” in all City parking garage stairwells to both welcome visitors and help them find their cars is off to a great start.  The Partnership received a technical assistance grant from the State of Maryland just before Christmas (an early gift) to hire the designer of the current wayfinding system to complete this system update.  Many thanks to the Tourism Council and the City of Frederick for providing the match for this grant. Next step – looking for implementation funds to make the soon to be designed murals a reality.

Our third wish list item was possibly making First Saturday a longer event.  Currently, the official hours of First Saturday are 5-9PM – focused on the initial goal of increasing night life and encouraging consistent store hours.  With First Saturday now a well-established happening, the time has come to look at new ideas – including longer hours.  The decision making process on if, what and how will involve the merchant community, our current First Saturday attendees and more.  This process will kick off in January and will conclude in time to make plans for the next fiscal year which kicks off July 1, 2013.

Finally, the Partnership Board was anxious to start thinking about implementing a Get It Downtown campaign – a more general versus event focused marketing effort to encourage shopping, dining and playing in Downtown Frederick.  Our first brainstorming session will be held in January 2013 to begin to flush out this wish list item into actual projects, timelines and dollars.  

As I look ahead, I see the Partnership fully embracing our new person power and tackling more projects.  This fiscal year is one of adjustment and slow growth.  Next year, the Partnership will be well positioned to tackle even more new things… a new wish list that might include a building related project, a formal process to support merchant organized events and more.  Let us know your ideas – we’re ready to grow.