Friday, October 5, 2012

Abe & Me

With a new employee joining us this week, all of us have been talking about great jobs, fun jobs, interesting jobs.  Well, I have to say that my job is all of that and more.  I can’t think of many other places of work where your Thursday could include making calls for financial support, editing contracts, spending time on the street visiting with the merchants and, to round out the day, speaking with President Abraham Lincoln.  I’ve had a smile on my face about the idea of speaking with Lincoln for more than a week because, after all, he did pass away a few years ago. That said, we had important things to talk about – recognizing history, celebrating the community and honoring the contributions of the many volunteers and agencies who contributed to the heritage trail marker project. 

Lincoln joined us yesterday on the rail car at the train station (and now the Frederick Community Action Agency) to re-create a speech given 150 years ago on October 4 at the same spot.  Lincoln was speaking following a visit to Frederick to see a General wounded in the Battle of Antietam.  When you think about it – it’s just amazing.  Yesterday, I was standing at the spot that President Abraham Lincoln spoke – the building that provides the backdrop for the setting remains today.  To see history come to life is truly inspiring and humbling.   Many kudos to the Tourism Council of Frederick County for arranging the event.

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