Friday, August 10, 2012

Great Potential

On Tuesday of this week, we were fortunate to have Tom McGilloway with Mahan Rykiel join us to give a presentation to the Partnership’s Design Committee on great urban landscapes.  Even better, Tom stuck around and took a tour of Downtown Frederick with us. It was so much fun to think about what could be and the possibilities for some of our great pedestrian paths.  Our first tour focus was on the connections between Patrick, Market and Carroll Creek.  First stop – Park Alley.  Just imagine lights strung above your head, small, two-seat tables attached to the walls with brightly covered umbrellas above, a changing exhibit of art on the fence surrounding the property being renovated near Carroll Creek Way and great lighting to highlight the building’s architectural features while providing guidance to those walking back to the Carroll Creek Garage at night.  Believe it or not, these ideas were just from our first five minutes of touring.  I can’t wait to find some pots of money and get the implementation under way.  So many more great ideas for Carroll Creek Way, Maxwell Avenue, the Seventh Street Fountain and more… all this daydreaming and I’m not even on vacation (yet – but I’ll be away next week so two weeks until the next post). 

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