Friday, June 29, 2012

Get A Life

Each year, Downtown Frederick Partnership organizes a Competitive Edge series where we offer six workshops over six months – January thru June.  We have been incredibly fortunate to receive great financial support from PNC Bank as well as the Frederick County Division of Business Development and Retention.  The series has been incredibly helpful to entrepreneurs, giving them free access to ideas, tools and connections to improve their business success.  Small businesses rarely have easy access to training focused on their needs in particular and it is our goal to fill that niche with this series.  

For 2012, we concluded the Competitive Edge series with a session on Get A Life – 12 Keys to a Successful Work/Life Balance.  The session was great – with insights offered by Ed Robinson with Capacity Building Solutions, Clyde Hicks with The Trail House and Allison Levitt with Two Paws Up.  Some of my favorite lessons learned from the panel…

  • The power of the people you surround yourself with – If you want a better work/life balance, surround yourself with people who you feel have achieved or do a good job with that goal.  I find I have no better teachers than the people I surround myself with.  Seek out those who do what you want to do and how you want to do it.  Learn by example.

  • What is your daily three?  What three tasks are you going to complete today?  I love this idea.  As a list maker at heart, I have lists for home, lists for the office, lists for things I want to do someday, lists of tasks to achieve this weekend, etc, etc.  For me, checking something off a list is a sweet reward. That said, a list with 35 to do items can make you feel like a failure at the end of a day.  But three, now that is possible.

  • Make sure you are 2 percent better each day.  For all of you recovering perfectionists, this one’s for you.  We will never be perfect (I know, it’s shocking) but every one of us has the potential to be two percent better each day.  Powerful and achievable – a good combo

I also need to thank the speakers one more time – not only did they volunteer their time and talents, they also were willing to share failures as well as successes.  I think the acknowledgment of mistakes made and their focus on moving forward is a huge part of their overall success.  Looking forward to a great series in 2013!

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