Friday, June 22, 2012

A Fresh Coat of Paint

To my mind, few things are better than a fresh coat of paint.  It refreshes, brightens and, with my work hat on, shows investment in one of Downtown Frederick’s greatest assets – our building stock.  As I was headed to a grand opening last evening, I had to stop and take this photo.  It’s always great to see painting happening in Downtown Frederick.  It’s even better when the Partnership is helping to pay for it.  
If you didn’t know, the Partnership offers a façade improvement grant program to downtown property and business owners.  If the project is approved BEFORE work begins, then we can pay for 50% of the improvement costs up to a total of $10,000.  The application is simple – one page to fill out and a second page to sign.  We need two bids, two photos and a brief description of what you plan to do – that’s it.  The goal is to get the money on the street as quickly as possible to make a difference in Downtown Frederick. 

To date, the Partnership has awarded nearly $175,000 to nearly 60 different projects in Downtown Frederick.  Each dollar granted by the Partnership has been matched by at least one dollar in private investment – often more.  The program also has spurred neighbors to get to work on needed building improvements – sometimes without our financial support.  

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