Friday, June 15, 2012

Before I Die

As with most good ideas, this one came from somewhere else.  I, fortunately, am the recipient of emails, newspaper articles, magazine clippings, etc with ideas about great projects implemented in other downtowns.  I love getting great ideas, especially when the giver is willing to wait a bit for implementation.  My preference would be to do a new project everyday but the “older” items on my project list would not be very happy with that approach. 

This idea – Before I Die – is popular across the nation. In fact, one particular artist travels the country helping folks implement the project.  The Partnership took this idea on by ourselves and the results were so hopeful and fun – we certainly are going to do it again.  

We kicked off the project at our June First Saturday.  The activity is pretty simple – we provided sheets of plywood painted in chalkboard paint and gave people the space to add their thoughts.  The preamble – Before I Die – was the inspiration point.  I think the best thing about the project is seeing the hope in our community.  Most aspirations were positive – about growing, living, doing more, having more fun.  In a world that is full of negative, it was great to see hope shine.  A selected sampling of my personal favorites is listed below.  
  • Play the banjo and do a cartwheel … but not at the same time
  • Hike the AT 
  •  Let it go
  •  Live at the beach
  • Star in a horror film
  • See every Shakespeare play
What’s on your list?

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