Friday, June 8, 2012

Arts & Entertainment

On Tuesday of this week, I had the opportunity to attend the annual statewide Arts & Entertainment District meeting.  For those of you who don’t know, Downtown Frederick is a state designated A&E District with the accompanying benefits of tax “rebates” for artists, tax incentives for renovating places for art uses and tax abatement of entertainment related taxes.  Beyond all of that, designation is a great way to promote your downtown as an art lovin’ and art thrivin’ place – and trust me, Downtown Frederick is that.

What probably was the best thing about Tuesday was the chance to get out of dodge, take a moment, step back and really think about the arts and their impact.  The meeting this year was in Silver Spring and we were provided the opportunity to take a great tour of the district and see some of the art venues and public art.  It’s clear that the arts add that special something that takes a downtown from good to great.  Those of us in the downtown economic development industry are hoping to create great experiences for our visitors so they come downtown again and again.  Art venues and art installations make for great experiences.  For me, there is nothing like seeing someone else’s creativity to get me going again after a long week.  The weekend is approaching – if you need a rev up, go see some art downtown. 

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