Monday, September 12, 2011

A Love Letter to Downtown Frederick

A first blog post is a rather intimidating task. I’ve been plagued with writer’s block and seem to have had a running commentary in the back of my head for a week plus now (the commentary ran something like this – what am I going to write about? What am I going to write about?) And then I hit upon it – a love letter to Downtown Frederick. Here goes…

I love you Downtown Frederick, how do I count the ways…

the beginning of what I am sure will be an ever expanding list

I love Downtown Frederick:

In the am as I walk to work when everyone says hello but we all know it’s too early for a long conversation.

As the day turns to noon and the streets fill with people seeking a bite for lunch.

Because I can knock four items off my to do list by bumping into people as I walk to get a sandwich for lunch.

On a sunny afternoon in the late summer when it seems all the world is playing hooky and wandering past my office window.

On days when I need to multi-task and pick up a great gift as I walk home from work.

For the architecture and the great shopping and the tasty eats but most of all for the wonderful people.

I love Downtown Frederick.

Check back for future blog posts about the exciting and always changing Downtown Frederick. I will tell you all about downtown and the fabulous members of the downtown community. Chances are if you’re reading this blog post, you’re fond of downtown too. I’d love to hear what you love best about Downtown Frederick. Check back often.

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