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Friday, March 28, 2014

Frederick Faces: Catie & Carlo Serio

Photo by Natural Artistry

Pretzel and Pizza Creations (210 N Market St), a 23-year-old Downtown Frederick staple, puts true meaning to the term “family business.”   Catie and Carlo Serio are the husband-wife team behind Pretzel and Pizza Creations and together, they work to support the local economy through small business ownership. 
Catie’s parents opened Pretzel and Pizza Creations in 1991. “My parents saw a great opportunity in Downtown Frederick,” says Catie, who took on the business with Carlo after moving back to Frederick from New York. Catie and Carlo met at Syracuse University and moved to Manhattan shortly thereafter.  Carlo notes, “it’s nice to be in an urban environment within a small town.  We get to keep a little bit of the Manhattan vibe we left behind.”
For Catie, the creations don’t stop with pretzel and pizza- “I frequently bring my work home with me and I'll make these big, elaborate meals for my family and friends—themed of course!” Catie’s experimentations have led to the addition of several regular menu items, including Matzoh Ball Soup and Hummus Salad.
Both Catie and Carlo have interests in photography; Carlo considers nature and wildlife photography a passion, while Catie admits “I take an embarrassing amount of pictures of my cats.” 
When asked what is most inspiring or enjoyable about running Pretzel and Pizza, Carlo says, “I love that our customers talk with us and tell us about their day or their kids or what’s going on in their neighborhoods.” He adds, “I’m inspired by the feedback I get […] people are always taking selfies with our pizza!”

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Frederick Faces: Mark & Hallie Burrier

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Since their chance meeting on a train to New York City, Hallie and Mark Burrier, owners of Relish D├ęcor (43 E Patrick St), have been putting their creative minds together.  Mark has a background in illustration and graphic design while Hallie has a degree in fashion design and follows in the footsteps of several family members who were also retailers and entrepreneurs.
Relish, which will celebrate its third anniversary in the fall, is the result of a long-time dream and several inspiring retailers the pair encountered in their travels. Hallie notes, “I have wanted to have my own shop since I was 15. Every career move I made was to learn more and work towards that goal.
“There have been stores across the world that have left a lasting impression on me as a customer because they were able to create a welcoming and visually exciting environment,” says Hallie, “it has always been my vision for Relish Decor to be creative and fun and to hopefully be that inspirational shop to someone else.
Hallie and Mark say they chose Downtown Frederick for their home and their for its characteristics similar to that of other favorite cities. “Our store nestles perfectly in the historic downtown setting,” says Hallie, “[Downtown Frederick] has the same characteristics I loved about New York City. We can walk to shops, restaurants, and have plenty of entertainment in our neighborhood.
Though Hallie and Mark can almost always be found in their store, the pair manages to make time for themselves, and their pup. “We've slowly been renovating and decorating our home in our free time,” says Hallie, “but most of all we love spending time with our sweet puppy, Lucy.”

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Frederick Faces: Chanda Drew

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Oklahoma native, Chanda Drew, lived all over the country before meeting her husband who was raised in Frederick County. Together they own Simply Beautiful Boutique at 143 N. Market St. and share a 2-year-old son. Drew and her husband bought the existing business 3 years ago and have made the shop their home away from home.

“We have always dreamed of owning our own business and Frederick was the perfect place,” says Drew. “Our son has practically grown up in our shop.”
The vibrant people and development of Downtown Frederick have been inspirational for Drew. It has allowed her to create a close bond with her customers who have become more like friends and family.

“They sometime just stop in to chat and I find that most comforting,” says Drew. “Downtown Frederick Partnership helps so much with driving customers downtown, along with the many amazing restaurants. It really keeps our doors open.”

Drew shares her joy of living in Frederick and being a local business owner. “Whether it’s the excitement of First Saturdays, the hustle and bustle of the Holidays or the tourist’s visits during summer, there’s always something going on and it’s different every day. Out of all the places I’ve lived, Frederick has become my favorite.”

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frederick Faces: Maria Peck

Photos by Natural Artistry Photography
Maria Peck followed a lifelong dream when she opened Tiara Day, located at 153 N Market St.  After many day dreams from her former office job, Maria decided it was time to take the leap to open her own boutique. “My mother and grandmother raised me antiquing and I have always been a girly girl -loving glamour and dressing up,” says Peck, “It only feels natural to have Tiara Day.”

A self-proclaimed Francophile, Peck says her customers along with her passion for fabulous treasures inspire her daily. Like many of her customers, Peck herself is a collector. “My favorite collection is probably my vintage and antique Halloween decorations which range from the early part of the 20th century until the 1950’s.”

Peck opened Tiara Day in Downtown Frederick after searching for a new location to move her originally Kensington-based boutique. She says Downtown Frederick is a perfect fit. “I love being part of a real downtown with local independent stores…Frederick offers a unique and wonderful indie shopping and eating experience!”

What is one of Maria’s favorite parts of owning Tiara Day? “As a bonus, I am very blessed to have my mother and best friend, work side by side with me at the shop every day!-and we get to wear tiaras every day at work! What could be better?”

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Frederick Faces: Peggi Joy

Photos by Natural Artistry Photography
Peggi Joy has always wanted to help others improve their lives. Twenty years a social worker, Joy opened A Perfect Fit Bra Boutique in 2011 and has been enjoying give women a kick of confidence with each purchase. “I get hugs and smiles,” says Joy, “It is still the biggest kick of my day to see her confidence and individual beauty shine through.”

Joy, who has lived in the Frederick area for most of her life, decided to open A Perfect Fit while working the Frederick Memorial Hospital Cancer Center. “I thought the ladies of Frederick should have a place they could shop for their bras that was convenient and a more normalized experience. The bra fitting training is so much more in-depth in reference to prosthetics and I quickly learned how bras impact breast and back health.”

For Joy, Downtown Frederick offers the perfect setting for her boutique. “[Downtown Frederick is] committed to bringing something more to the Frederick scene beyond the everyday big box store offerings,” notes Joy, “having grown up here, I have seen Downtown Frederick come full circle from its heyday. It’s wonderful to see it so vital!”

When asked what she would do if she hadn’t opened her boutique, Joy admits, “I am a closet Broadway singer wannabe!” 

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Frederick Faces: Sean Norris

Photos by Natural Artistry Photography

Owning Edgeworks Knife & Supply Co. was not always Sean Norris’s ambition. “This was nowhere in my dreams growing up or even in school,” Norris said, who began working at Edgeworks in 2001 following his high school graduation. After graduating from Frederick Community College with an associate’s degree in computer science, Norris explored a variety of career paths. He dabbled in everything from electrical work, a janitorial position, and information technology. 

When Edgeworks, which opened in 1993, was for sale Norris re-evaluated his career calling. “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to [computer] program for a living because I didn’t see myself liking it.” But he was sure that he liked working at the knife shop, so Norris purchased the place in 2008 and left the rest behind.

The Ijamsville native wouldn’t want his shop located anywhere else. He values the support from everyone in the Downtown Frederick community. For Norris, Downtown Frederick is a perfect location. He likes that Frederick brings a balance between city life and countryside. He continued, “It lets you just relax and enjoy things."

Check out a behind the scenes look at this week's Frederick Face by Archai Media:

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Frederick Faces: Jessica Feltz

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"Downtown Frederick is more than just the place where I do business; it's also my home," says Jessica Feltz, owner of The Turning Point, Frederick's Community Acupuncture at 243 W Patrick St, "I love how quickly relations evolve in a walk-able neighborhood. It's the way that our community is more like a big family which makes Downtown Frederick special." 

During her schooling in alternative therapies, Feltz was inspired after learning of a clinic in Portland, Oregon that offered low-cost community acupuncture.

Feltz, who was a musical All-American and a scholarship runner in college, used her "hodge-podge of a background" to create a business plan for The Turning Point. The plan was named a winner in the Rockville Economic Department's StartRight Competition for Women Entrepreneurs in 2008. The Turning Point is the first community acupuncture clinic in the state of Maryland, and the only in Frederick County. 

Community is important to Feltz, who yields from a "tiny little town" in Wisconsin. "I moved to Frederick for love, but when that ended I stayed here because I'd fallen in love with the community," Feltz said. "I love that my job keeps me intimately connected with our diverse community."

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